In this plan, WP-Rocket WordPress plug-in is being installed and set to take off the WordPress’s load speed.

Optimizing the loading speed of the WordPress site is very important.

First of all for the visitor’s user experience. Studies have shown that when browsing by mobile if the page takes more than three seconds to load user will close the browser.

Another very important part is SEO as one of google’s factors is website’s page load time.

In addition to the features listed on the table and in addition to the customer’s request, we can also optimize the images on the site. This will have the smallest possible size in proportion to their quality. Optimization is done by installing and customizing the WordPress plugin Imagify.

Image optimization is the most important part of the speed of a site. This is why they can dramatically delay the loading even if all the necessary caching and compression settings have been made.

Content Delivery Network for unreal loading speed of WordPress site.

If the client has the necessary budget, he can proceed to the next step. Using a network to load some webpage parts (such as images) from different servers. It also provides the ability to register the website in Cloudflare.

You can see some of our pages where the webpage load speed plan has been implemented here.